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Presenting coffees from around the world.  

We are bringing you coffees from Africa, Brazil, Honduras, Kenya, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru, Sumatra, Rwanda,  Yemen, Ethiopia, India, Jamaica, and Java.  

Travel the world with us through your imagination and your coffee cup.   No passport required.

As part of our selection we have chosen Single Origin Coffees, Blends, Dark Roasts, Fair Trade and Organic Coffees, Decaffeinated Coffees using the Mountain Water Process, Chicory and Chicory Blends, and lots of Flavored Coffees to chose from.

Find out more about these great tasting coffees below where we have listed the types of beans and the coffees we make from them.

To find out more about the history of coffee and some useful hints, click on the Coffees of the World link at the top of this page.

About Us

Costa Rican coffee farmer tossing the beans to dry them out.  Coffees are single origin, blends, dar

Sophie Grace Industries, Inc. is an international trading company specializing in bringing to market the finest coffee beans from all corners of the coffee growing world.  We continually search for new sources of coffee beans and new taste sensations  that will stimulate your taste buds and bring a sense of comfort, satisfaction, and peaceful enjoyment to you, your family, and your friends.

Listed below are the coffees We buy, roast and sell

Single Origin Coffees

A cup of single origin coffee Ethiopian Yirgachette with cocoa leaf design on top

Brazil Cerrado 

Celebes Kalossi


Costa Rica

Ethiopian  Yirgachette

Ethiopinan Harrar

Flores Bajawa


Hawaiian Kona

India Balekola Estate

India Monsooned Malabar

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Java Estate


La Minita Tarrazu Estate

New Guinea Estate

Panama Estate

Twanda Dukundas Kawa Musasa

Spirit Mountain Dominican

Sumatra Mandheling 

360 Reserve Puerto Rico

Yemen Mocha


Turkish coffee serving set made with Yemen Mocha coffee

Sophie's Blend

Sophie's Breakfast Blend (25% Dark)

Cafe Noir

Desert Blend

European Blend (25% Dark)

Kona Estate Blend

Premium House Blend

Mocha Java

Dark Roasts

Coffee being made the old fashion way over a camp fire in a steel coffee pot where the coffee is per

Sophie's Blend Vienna Roast

Sophie's Blend French Roast

Brazil Espresso

Colombia Vienna Roast

Colombia French Roast

Costa Rica Vienna Roast

Dark French Roast

Premium Espresso Blend

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Fair Trade and Organic Coffees

Two cups of fair trade organic coffee from Bolivia, Brazil, Honduras, Peru, Ethiopia, Nicaragua orga

Coffees in this section may be subject to change depending on market conditions and availability from the grower.

Single Origin Fair Trade

  • FT Bolivia
  • FTO Honduras
  • Nicaragua Organic
  • FT Peru
  • FT  Decaf Peru 


  • FT Breakfast Blend
  • FT One World Blend

Dark Roasts

  • FT Espresso
  • FT French Roast
  • FT Decaf French Roast

 Don't forget to check out our extensive tist of flavored coffees on he page below

Decaffeinated Coffee Using the Mountain Water process (MWP)

A teaming cup of hot coffee sitting in a bed of just roasted coffee beans.

Sophie's Blend

Sophie's Blend French Roast

African Natural Process


Costa Rica


Premium Espresso Blend

Premium House Blend


See our extensive list of flavored coffees on the page below

Chicory and Chicory Blends


Pure Chicory (Ground)

Chicory Blend 

Decaf Chicory Blend

Don't for get to page down and see our extensive list of flavored coffees.

A cup of latte coffee made with a fair trade organic coffee.

Flavored Coffees

All of our Flavored Coffees are also available in Decaf at no additional charge.  

Just select the type you want when ordering.

Almond Nut Crunch


Butter Rum

Caramel Apple (Seasonal)

Chocolate Cinnamon Nut Cookie

Chocolate Hazelnut

Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Chocolate Raspberry Cream

Cinnamon Eggnog (Seasonal)

Cinnamon hazelnut Cream

Cinnamon Nut Cookie 

Cinnamon Stick

Coconut Cream

Cream Brulee

Dark Chocolate Truffle

French Vanilla

German Chocolate Cake

Gingerbread (Seasonal)

Hawaiian Macadamia Nut


Hazelnut Cream

Highlander Grog

Holiday Pannetonne (Seasonal)

Irish Cream

Jamaican Me Crazy

Jazzy Java

Mexican Chocolate

Texas Pecan

Pralines & Cream

Pumpkin Pie Spice (Seasonal)

Sinful Nut Delight

Symphony Blend

Toasted Almond Cream

Not all coffees listed are available through our Internet sales program at this time but we are adding them as quick as we can.

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