8 Reasons to Drink Coffee


There has been over the decades arguments both pro and con on the benefits of drinking coffee.  As avid coffee drinkers we wanted to share with you 8 important reasons to drink coffee.  

1.  It could lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. You might think that coffee harms your heart more than it helps it, especially since your heart beats a bit faster when you’re hyped up on caffeine. The truth, however, is that drinking three to five cups of coffee a day reduces your chances of acquiring heart disease. And, even if you drink more than five cups a day, you’re chances of having a heart attack are no higher than those who don’t consume coffee at all. 

2.  It negates the effects of sleep deprivation. This one might seem obvious, but you might be surprised by just how powerful of an effect coffee can have on a drowsy individual. Indeed, it’s so effective that the mere smell of coffee beans is enough to give most folks a slight energy boost. 

3.  It bolsters your brain cells. As a stimulant, coffee enables your brain to produce more dopamine and adrenaline than usual. This can have a number of positive effects, such as improving your memory and reaction times. In college,.

4. It adds years to your life. There are some well-documented side effects to coffee consumption that keep many from trying it. These can include anything from the “jitters” to the headaches we coffee connoisseurs get when we don’t get our caffeine fix. That said, research out of Harvard has found that those who stay caffeinated could live longer lives than those who abstain from it. The study also concluded that the dreaded side effects of frequent coffee consumption have inconsequential effects on the body in the long run. So sip away! 

5. It decreases your chance of having a stroke. Similar to heart disease, consuming two to six cups of coffee a day has been found to lower one’s risk of having a stroke. You don’t have anything to lose! 

 6. It makes you run faster. Simply put, drinking coffee before a workout allows your muscles to better convert your fat to fuel, meaning you’ll feel more energized. Personally, I’ve noticed that I can run about a mile more than usual when I drink coffee about an hour before starting my workout routine. 

 7. It helps you burn fat. Let’s face it: summer is on its way, so we all want to look good in a bathing suit. What better way to do that than to shed a couple pounds? Coffee can help you reach your weight loss goals, as seen by a study where green coffee extract was found to be a significant factor in assisting several “pre-obesity” test subjects reach a normal weight. 

 8. It substantially lowers your risk for type II diabetes. With our increased consumption of sugary products over the years, we’ve seen the number of cases of diabetes skyrocket. Luckily, you might be able to protect yourself by drinking a few cups of unsweetened coffee a day.

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