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Dover Air Force Base Control Tower and Base Building

Dover Air Force Base Control Tower and Base Building

Dover Air Force Base Control Tower and Base Building


A national architectural firm had done the initial design of the base building and air traffic control tower, but its projected construction costs was $10 million over the Corps of Engineers budget.  We were asked to redesign the whole project with the purpose of meeting all the Corps of Engineers and Air Force's requirements, but bring it into line with the original budget of $15 million.  We were very successful with this bringing the construction budget in as slightly under the $15 million budget.  

Once the design was approved we began to create a construction schedule which required close cooperation with base security as Dover was where the casualties  from Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom were brought.  The base was also flying support missions to the Middle East in support of these wars as well making security at the bases a very high priority. 

The new 130 foot control tower and the adjoining 4,500 square foot base building were built next to the existing tower and base building while the existing facilities were in use.  This made management of the construction process a more delicate and complicated issue requiring the fullest of cooperation  out of our  material and equipment suppliers, especially the pre-cast concrete supplier.

The 130 foot tower is precast concrete and with the projects proximity to the existing facility and the extremely tight security on the base, it required some serious cooperation and timing to make sure traffic did not backup and create a problem for the base security detail.

We had to schedule each truck so when one was leaving another was ready to enter.  A complicating issue here was each truck had to enter a sally port and be inspected when entering the base with its load, and re-inspected when it exited the base after delivering its piece.  Once we had removed the section from the truck and were ready to put it in place the trucks were then directed to leave the base and the one waiting allowed to enter.  It was a slow but steady process, but worked without incident.

Total construction cost for this project was $15 million. 

Mercury Aviation FBO at Addison Airport

Dover Air Force Base Control Tower and Base Building

Dover Air Force Base Control Tower and Base Building


This facility was a design-build project for Mercury Aviation.  The company was in need of its own fixed  base operation at Addison Airport and chose a site on the east side of the airport.  

The building is a pre-engineered designed steel building with offices, meeting rooms, pilot areas, and a large waiting area for passengers waiting to depart or arriving passengers.  The front entrance has a covered drive up providing privacy and protection from the weather for passengers and visitors.

The hanger and maintenance area is accessed by a pocket type sliding electronically operated door.  The hanger opening is 85 in height, and 250 feet wide.  The doors slide in next to each other in a space on either side of the hanger door opening.  

The facility also has a portico extending over the front entry allowing passengers and visitors to the building privacy and protection from the weather when being dropped off.

Our  design and construction included the design and build of the office/hanger structure with offices, meeting rooms and passenger waiting area. and the concrete approach and taxi way leading from the taxiway on the east side of the runway to the FBO.  

Construction cost for this project was $1,200,000.00.