Drone Delivery to home, office, park or?

Want it now?

We are currently in the process of registering with the FAA to have drones make deliveries of coffee, and coffee based drinks right to your home, or office within minutes of ordering.   You will be able to select from a menu of coffees that we are brewing that day, and if you prefer to brew your own we will be able to deliver your coffee or coffees of choice to you in 16 (1 lb) or 5 lb bags if you are a bulk user of coffee.   

Coffee ordered by the 1 lb or 5 lb bag can be ordered either as a drip grind, or roasted bean if you like to grind your own.  If you have a home roaster we will be making green beans of select coffees available as the market and pricing permit.

Future plans beyond the delivery of coffee products by drone is the preparation of fresh sandwiches, soups, salads and desert items prepared fresh each day in our own kitchens.  No precooked, prepackaged, or frozen foods, just freshly prepared food to enjoy with your coffee, or ordered for delivery by itself for your enjoyment.  

All food items will also be available in our stores as well as a large selection of hot coffee, freshly ground coffee or roasted beans bagged in our green heat sealed bags ready for you to take home, or to your office and enjoy.  

We will be developing an app that will allow you to choose your coffee flavor, from our extensive menu,  and if you are hungry the sandwich, soup,  salad, or desert item you are hungry for.   After your selection just push order, and in a short time your order will be arriving fresh, for you to enjoy.  The coffee  and soups will be hot, and the salads and sandwiches will be fresh  and yummy.

We are very excited about this new coming addition to our service and hope you will stay tuned to us and check back often to see when we will be opening a store near you and bringing this great home and/or business delivery service to your area.

We are very  excited about this development and think that as the use of drones for delivery of food, drinks and other items grows, developers will start to build drone landing pads into their office buildings, high rise apartment and condos.