Services Sophie grace offers


Complete Mechanical (HVAC) design &/or design build

Complete new construction HVAC/Plumbing & electrical ground up design &/or design-build services for structures of any type and any size.  We are able to design to LEED Platinum certification standards , and Energy Star specifications.  

Complete Electrical system design &/or design build

Complete new construction electrical ground up design &/or design-build services for any type of structure of any size.  We are able to design to LEED Platinum certification standards , or Energy Star specifications.  

Plumbing and Piping systems design &/or design build

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HVAC systems up grades and equipment replacement

We specialize in the replacement and up grading of mechanical equipment and systems including controls.  We have a long history of replacing air handlers,  chillers, rusted out or obsolete duct work and  piping systems without having to shut down  operations for such critical facilities as hospitals, mission critical/data centers, including replacing ups systems for electrical and HVAC systems, controlled access systems, and more.

Electrical system upgrades, including upgrading wiring and lighting systems.

With our expertise we can upgrade your existing wiring and/or lighting systems including UPS systems.  Whether expanding an existing facility, remodeling, or trying to make your facility more energy efficient and worker friendly we can offer cutting edge technology to make your work spaces, production areas, and warehouse spaces the most energy efficient and work friendly areas available in today's market place. 

Architectural Design

Complete Architectural design for new ground up structures, renovations, additions, and upgrades.  Our portfolio includes hospitals, medical clinics, stand alone outpatient surgical facilities, biotech research and production facilities, high rise hotels, motels, destination resorts and casinos, low-rise and high-rise retail/office/condo/apartment mixed use facilities, office buildings, critical mission and data storage facilities, complex and hi-tech control centers, warehouses and high volume fulfilment centers, automotive and heavy equipment service centers, etc.


Construction Management

Whether it is a large mechanical and/or plumbing new construction project or renovation/upgrade, of the ground up  construction of a new facility, our Construction Management professionals can manage your project from design through permitting, environmental issues, if any, to construction and commissioning.  

Our services also include help in selecting an architect and engineers if you do not already have them on board, and the always crucial selection of a general contractor.  If you are acting as our own general contractor we can assist in the selection of subcontractors and suppliers to assure you have a smooth running and timely completed project.

Pre-construction Cost Modeling

Have a budget in mind  but cannot  seem to get the numbers to work for what you want to achieve?  Let our professionals work with you to come up with design and construction solutions that will get you to your project goals within a budget you can live with.

Project Scheduling

We work with you and your team to create a schedule that encompasses the following project required goals:

               Project milestones

  • Deliverables
  • Tasks required to complete the deliverables
  • Dependencies between tasks and milestones
  • Resource requirements and allocation
  • Deadlines, time frames, and task duration

Our goal is to work with you and your team to create a realistic and workable schedule that gets your project completed on time and within budget beginning with the design and taking it through construction and project completion.  Need help, call us at 940-304-3141 today.

Partnerships and Joint Ventures

We are always on the outlook for businesses to partner with on medium to large projects.  With our MEP as a core capability, we can bring a strong competitive edge to a project.  We can act as the general, or as a MEP sub. or as a JV partner where we bring the MEP, and other specialty trades to the project creating a competitive and profitable venture.  

If you are a federal or state government and need to meet small business goals, we can provide that for you as well bringing all or part of our MEP core capabilities to the project, and other trade specialties as well.  Call us and lets discuss how we can help you meet your small business contracting goals.  Call us at 940-304-3141 today.


Does your project meet constructability requirements?  Find out, read below then call us to do a constructability review of your project.  Call us at 940-304-3141 today.

Constructability is a project management technique to review  construction processes from start to finish during pre-construction  phase. It is to identify obstacles before a project is actually built to  reduce or prevent errors, delays, and cost overruns. The term "constructability" defines the ease and efficiency with which  structures can be built. 

The more constructible a structure is, the more  economical it will be. Constructability is in part a reflection of the  quality of the design documents; that is, if the design documents are  difficult to understand and interpret, the project will be difficult to  build. 

The term refers to: the extent to which the design of the building facilitates ease of  construction, subject to the overall requirements for the completed  building. the effective and timely integration of construction knowledge into the  conceptual planning, design, construction, and field operations of a  project to achieve the overall project objectives in the best possible  time and accuracy at the most cost-effective levels.  

Value Engineering

Value engineering began as a cost-saving measure, but has now  a valued project management technique that addresses all  aspects of the building lifecycle from the initial construction through  the sustainability of sourced materials and utility efficiency of the  final project. 

Working with your project team, or through our own in-house team we can bring positive environmental and  social impact solutions to the table including methods for reducing the  carbon footprint of transportation, building, and operation as well as  suggestions that positively affect the safety and wellness of the  surrounding community.

We have found that incorporating value engineering into the design  and construction process results in greater added value and reduced  costs for our clients. Our team of project managers carefully consider  all aspects of the project when making value engineering proposals to  each client. We carefully consider and thoroughly explain all options in  the following areas:

  • Cost reduction: suggestions of less expensive alternatives to specified materials or systems.
  • Value added: higher quality products that will increase value for the client and overall satisfaction with the project.
  • Life-Cycle Analysis: options that work to create a balance between  initial construction costs and the long-term operational budget of the  development.
  • Maintainability: recommendations of systems and products that will reduce maintenance costs over the lifespan of the buildings service information coming shortly.